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2017-03-16 12:23:40 | By S. Pohlman

Only Home Owners fill out Green Appraisal Addendums and MLS Green Disclosures. Home owners can effortlessly provide an official Green Appraisal Addendum & MLS Disclosures with your GAPScore Home Report. You have to give the information to show the green aspects of your property to your Appraiser, Realtor, Mortgage Lender, Bank, or Buyer. Provide these supporting documents with your GAPScore Home Report to your appraiser, banker, or real estate agent when selling a house, getting a mortgage, loan, or appraisal. AI Appraisal Green Addendum (International form) SREA Green Disclosure (Regional Midwest US) Traverse Green Disclosure (Regional Midwest US) Colorado Real Estate Green Energy Disclosure (Regional Southwest US ) Illinois Energy Raters: Home Values Increase with Green Certification