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Why "Being Green" is Market Savvy

Today, we know a lot more about what makes a home green. Real estate professionals are seeing a rise in the demand for energy efficient homes and the marketplace is changing to reflect this trend.

It's true that newer homes may have a higher GAPScore because the growing market for greener dwellings is changing the way that homes are being built. But an older house can also be a "green" house. Visionary architects have created entire neighborhoods filled with energy efficient homes over the years. So a home, no matter how old, can have design elements that are "green".

Even houses that aren't green by design can be made greener by a conscientious owner who follows commonly accepted "green guidelines".

Benefits of RE Pro Verification

Increase Sales: Today’s Market

Let’s look at today's market. Homes in particular are getting greener. 80% of people believe themselves to be green, while only 15% of their purchases at the store are green. That’s because only 15% of the merchandise are considered or claim to be green. In the housing market, only .02% of homes are considered certified green. But, there are green features in just about 99.98% of existing homes and the ability to find the properties with more green design features with ease will increase a properties likeability among 80% of the buyers thus making it easier for buyers to make a decision and increase the flow of sales.

Faster Closings

It may be a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market, but the consumer is getting more educated on green functions every day. A green property or a certain green trait may mean the definite sale. No one knows why consumers buy one home over another. We do know that with more good information on a home that it sells faster. A green disclosure is an example of good information about good aspects while a radon, lead or asbestos disclosure would concentrate on the bad aspects. A Real Estate Agent once told me that a couple from France had moved to the US Midwest. When they heard there was a home for sale that fit their needs with a thermal solar panel installed, they stopped looking and bought the property.

Builds Customer Confidence

Real Estate Professionals know that every little bit of information can make the difference in whether a customer walks away or you close the sale. By understanding the sustainability aspects of a building and or property and promoting the finer points of a structure and the lot, customers appreciate the extra knowledge that you bring to the table. A seller’s home may have very good selling points that could be overlooked and not brought to light. Customers realize that with the right pro on their side, the search for a property that fit their needs will take less time and valuable resource to find

Provides Competitive Advantage

The housing market is highly competitive. Home Seller vs. Home Seller, Real Estate Agents and Brokers vs. Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Buyers vs. Sellers, these are all very competitive arenas. A property with a GAPScore definitely has an advantage over properties that do not possess a GAPScore at all. Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Buyers, and Sellers that are trained verifiers and have clear understanding of GAPScore and its value can have a competitive edge over others.

Customer Caring

Increasing sales in the real estate world takes sensitivity and the talent to listen to their customers’ needs. Customers like sales people that care about what they are looking for and not have to end up with a substandard product. A GAPScore shows that you really care about the people that are to live on the property. By providing information that promotes the healthiness, efficiency, and potential to do greener things, the customer will recognize you as someone who really cares about what, where, and how they want to live.

Environmentally Friendly

You Are There

Verification is important. As a GAPScore Verifier, you will be able to make a difference in the environment by starting with your home. Because you’ve already driven there! GAPScores will lessen driving cycles for home buyers that search from neighborhood to neighborhood for the better house.

Reduced carbon emissions and multi purposing tasks are essential in all efficiency experts tool box. This is why we are to provide GAPScores for your clients and existing housing stocks. Efficiency and environmentalism is not a new concept. In fact, without it we would have perished a long time ago. Humans have been striving for safe and healthy living quarters since the beginning of consciousness. By providing the GAPScore and not driving all over town to make an intelligent choice on a piece of property, we provide smarter choices and options for better stewardship of the planet.

Promotes Healthy Living Conditions

It’s true that poor housing conditions concerns very much of the world. Rich or poor, North or South, East or West, people from every walk of life suffer from many conditions such as water leaks and moisture created by poor systems repair and maintenance. These conditions cause poor air quality issues by subjecting mold spores and other allergens into the building and concentrate. Nuclear power plants have to survey for volatile organic compounds every day by regulation. Material choices with volatile organic compounds can build concentration levels higher than a nuclear plant can run at regulation levels. An unsealed building can create a situation where there’s not only energy loss but building erosion particles and fibers launch with the air current from vent systems. Limited exposure to these air borne substances can decrease a lot of health problems. Asthma, migraines, sinus infections, skin irritants, and even death from exposure can be prevented by having a well sealed, insulated, and ventilated structure.

Quickly Identify Prime Characteristics

There are thousands of ways that a property can be beneficial to local surrounding and global environment. Everything in your structure, landscaping and systems utilization affects those on a broad spectrum of levels. However, home owners should realize that there are techniques that do not battle the elements but rather work in conjunction with the environment. By learning the questions on the survey and the subsequent hints section, the attributes of a structure and the property will become enlightening. It is said that after learning the GAPScore questions, you will never look at a house the same way again.

Saves the Planet, People, Profit

The planet is a celestial body. As you fly in an airplane over any big city there are minutes of flight that travel over neighborhoods and home after home after home. The evidence of man on the earth is unmistakable and toxic. We are our worst enemy. Everything on earth that is manufactured is made for our homes. And if it’s not made to make something for us to take home then it’s made so we can make enough money to repair, heat, and cool our homes. Sustainable choices save the planet and the people that live here. Tomorrow is a reality even though we are to perish while others, our children, will sustain and be fruitful by our actions and wisdom.

People are the reason. That is why we have made the earth our ground, our air, our oceans. We possess the fish tank that we live in. There is very little property that hasn’t been reserved, bought, or sold. The only piece of free property is on the moon. And that maybe sold shortly. Our families will survive here and thrive here because of us. It is our decision to correct patterns to sustain our environment. Reduce pollutants in our water, homes, and yards, increase energy efficiency, and decrease waste cycles while still providing a healthy standard of living is the goal. Health issues are the prominent factor in an intelligent decision on where to live. A GAPScore means you have a reason. It’s the people you care about. It’s you.

Profit in savings is usually unrecognized. Profit in your pocket is another thing. Home owners will use a GAPScore to make a statement about the intelligence invested in the property. Mortgage lenders and banks recognize that owners with lower property repair expenses and utility bills have more expendable cash and are able to get loans easier. Banks also understand that any cost saving or efficiency measures taken during ownership is an increase in the properties equity value through sustainability/durability and that’s good for everyone. You may use GAPScore to profit by helping those unable to perform a GAPScore Verification. As a service related product, GAPScore Verification can provide profit where it didn’t exist before. Special partnership relationships with GAPScore can net you the extra cash to make ends meet. Contact us.

Intelligent Choices

Knowledgeable Buyer

Many buyers have owned a home before. More home buyers are purchasing at least 3 homes in their lifetime. It’s not their 1st time to the rodeo. Many developers and housing corporations are savvy to sustainability and lower cost reduction techniques. The sale becomes one sided when the buyer is more knowledgeable than the seller. And even more frustrating when the seller knows what he has and can’t find a knowledgeable buyer. Use the Verifier search function to find a verifier near you.

Seller Information

Listing your home on GAPScore will not only show that you care about the environment, but also the people and loved ones that receive it. Pass in it on a little greener. Use the listing service to apply for marketing approval and listing on your local MLS. Home owners that get Verification Training will be listed in our verifier search function.
As a Real Estate Professional you may have an individual MLS for your LLC or C corp. The opportunity in GAPScore can be very beneficial for your business. A place in our verifier search function will help buyers find you.

Staging a Home with GAPScore

This isn’t a traditional staging with furniture, lighting and curb appeal. However, to a knowledgeable buyer there is some curb appeal involved. Pictures speak a thousand words. Put your MLS pic on the GAPScore search listings. You can include the GAPScore on any of your marketing material to prove that there isn’t any green washing going on.

This Home Is It, without green washing

Green washing is a real fear. GAPScore believes that too much fear causes total denial. We like to see green things, but not until it reaches a certain point can it be called green. A green or environmentally designed for energy efficiency and sustainability threshold, if you will. The base standard scores can get you a ready to move in home or a real fixer upper. When there is a home tugging at your heart strings, with a GAPScore you’ll have a better idea of what you’re going to get.

More Money

Service Revenue

A lifetime GAPScore listing for a property costs $100. Special volume GAPScore Listings are available upon request and review of application. This can be a perfect marketing expense at a discount. Or you can turn a real profit by adding to your sales accounting by providing GAPScore Verifications to your customer and increase service revenue. After passing the Verifier Training, RE Professionals with Error and Omissions insurance are qualified to perform third party verification services with volume pricing only.

Higher Commissions

Faster closings by shortening the sales, research, and traveling time can make for good business. Increasing sales revenue and decreasing costs by creating sales in quicker time translates to higher commissions in your pockets.

Greater Customer Base

Most customers will do business with you because it’s you. But another friend may have something you don’t, a GAPScore Verifier login.

Starting a new development site?

We recommend that you obtain United States Green Building Council (LEED), BREEAM, CASBBEE, Passive House International, or National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) certification before taking the GAPScore Survey. Do not use GAPScore as a model building tool to achieve the highest score. Design and build the best you can within or above codes and international standards. You’ll do better on the GAPScore naturally. We can provide a GAPScore listing attachment for your volume MLS listings.